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Nickel Cadmium Batteries
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These batteries are ideally suited for applications including cabinets and end terminals in fiber-optic networks offering triple play services as well as BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Basic Station Controller) installations in wireless networks. Tel.X is a high energy, long-life,...
Group: Nickel-cadmium storage batteries
Voltage Regulators
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Power Distribution Inc. (PDI), is the power quality leader and largest independent designer, manufacturer and service provider of mission-critical power distribution, static switching and power monitoring equipment for data centers.
Group: Regulators of electronic pressure
Thermoelectric Generators
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RedHawk Energy offers Global Thermoelectric TEGs for remote site power requirements. TEG's are extremely reliable, low maintenance, long life generators that can provide continuous DC power for many applications such as railway wayside remote and backup power, solar hybrid system, remote control...
Group: Thermoelectric converters
Solar Power Systems
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RedHawk Energy offers a variety of reliable Photovoltaic (Solar) Power Systems for utility grid-tie, remote site (off-grid) and critical backup power applications. Systems are configured for the specific geographical location and load demands of the application. Six innovative mounting options are...
Group: Solar batteries
Wind Generators
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RedHawk Energy offers both small Southwest Windpower Wind Turbines (400W-1kW) and medium-sized Northel Energy Wind Turbines (7.5kW-250kW) for utility grid tie, remote site (off-grid) and critical backup power applications. Northel Energy Wind Turbines are highly customizable based on the specific...
Group: Carminatives
DC to AC Inverters
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The La Marche A31 Inverter is the ideal choice when AC power requirements are critical. Its ferroresonant transformer-based design and transistor switching provide an extremely reliable and high quality sine wave output (<5% THD). Applications may include the following systems: computer,...
Group: Voltage converters
DC to DC Converters
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The unique design of the La Marche A63 Series DC-DC Converters will allow you to utilize your 48V, 24V and/or 12V equipment at a site where 130V batteries are installed. By using a A63 you will save battery, charger and installation costs as well as reduce maintenance time and optimizing space. The...
Group: Voltage converters
Battery Lifting Slings
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RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC offers adjustable battery lifting slings for your heavy battery lifting needs. These adjustable battery lifting slings will enable your personnel to easily and safely lift a wide range of battery types and sizes.
Group: Rubber slings
Automated Fuel Cleaning Systems
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JCH Fuel Solutions is the leader in automated fuel cleaning and maintenance systems for monitoring and removing water and other contaminants from Diesel fuel storage tanks. The Enviro is a stand-alone, closed loop system with built-in diagnostics that monitor fuel contamination levels and fuel...
Group: Equipment for service and cleaning of fuel system
Battery Watering Tools
In stock 
RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC offers battery watering tools for your battery maintenance needs. These battery watering tools will ensure that your batteries are filled to the correct electrolyte level which can lead to faster battery filling, improved battery filling accuracy, increased operator...
Group: Equipment technological flushing
Battery Testers
In stock 
The RH Series Battery Testers were born from a development effort between Microlynx Systems and RedHawk Energy Systems to advance the state of the art in portable battery capacity testing. Built upon the foundation of the Microlynx M0024 Series, the RH1 and RH2 Series provide unmatched capabilities...
Group: Battery testers
Automatic Transfer Switches
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Russelectric automatic transfer switches are modern, high-speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a normal power source to an emergency power source when voltage and/or frequency varies from preset limits, and to retransfer loads when normal power is restored.
Group: Switches


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